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VIP Restroom Trailer

When an alternative to standard  portable restrooms is desired, consider a VIP Restroom Trailer. Electricity and water connections are required in order to function. 12 or 14 gauge extension cords must be used. VIP Restroom Trailers are available on a first come first served basis. We encourage our customers to reserve these units as soon as possible to assure availability for their event date(s). Contact us for information about ADA compliant VIP trailers.

A & A Outhouses and Pumping is your one stop shop for portable toilets, hand washing stations and unit maintenance.

Portable Rest Rooms                      Options & Views    

Standard Portable Toilet

Simple modern design with strong injection molded plastic walls. Door can be locked from the inside. Approx. 4' wide x 4' deep x 7.5' high. Has 1 toilet seat over a 80 gal holding tank which contains Approx. 5 gal of liquid chemical for breaking down waste. Usually stocked with seat covers, toilet paper and waterless hand cleaner. Requires placement where truck can approach to within 25' for servicing. Approx. Weight: 230 lbs.


A and A Outhouses | Portable toilet rentals

Two Station Hand Washing Sinks

Four Station Hand Sanitizer Stands

Hand Washing Options

They are a family owned business with awesome customer service skills. Dependable   and great to work with.”                                        

                                                                 - S. Mitchell, Event Planner

Other Options and Upgrades

Pull Down Child Changing Table

Hand sanitizer dispenser inside portable unit

Urinal separate from commode in portable unit

ADA Compliant Portable Toilet

Complies with Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Dimensions are 7'-8' wide x 7'-8' long by 7'-8' high. Constructed of reinforced injection molded plastic. Spring loaded magnetic door closes automatically. Wheelchair accessible with grab bars. Interior space allows wheelchair to turn 360 degrees. Single toilet seat over 80 gal holding tank containing liquid chemicals for breaking down waste.

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Handle overflow from indoor restrooms during special events

1-2 per establishment

2-4 per block



2 Units

Happy families.



New Construction or Remodel

Single or Multiple Units

Higher on-the-job productivity.




Increase on the job productivity